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6 symptoms to know if you are diabetic

Diabetes, a disease that suffers almost half of the population over 65 ,and that appear more and more frequently among young people. It is not a problem that causes us pain, but when it manifests, it must be treated so that it does not complicate our health. 

Here are 6 symptoms to see if you have diabetes.

1-Thirst and desire to urinate

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When you are thirsty at all hours, and you can not calm this sensation no matter how much you drink, it is not because you have eaten something salty. It may be due to excessive blood glucose. When insulin does not circulate in the bloodstream, sugar will not pass to the muscles, which is where it should be, because it will stay in arteries and veins.

A person with diabetes urinates a lot because there is a lot of glucose to eliminate, and hence more water is needed than the body claims with the sensation of thirst.


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People who do not know what is diabetic can tire more easily because the absence of insulin prevents dragging glucose into the muscle, and this to function will burn sugar. If you get tired quite easily when doing any physical activity and you are thirsty, you already have two typical symptoms of diabetes, so you should consider going to the doctor.

3-Eat a lot and lose weight

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When you do not have insulin, the cells do not receive sugar, which is the main fuel that they claim as soon as possible and ask the brain for signals to provide it. In this case, the brain will act in the simplest way of demanding food and sending stimuli so that it increases the sensation of appetite. The person with diabetes who is unaware of being a victim of this disease wants to eat and eat without stopping. It seems that he never satisfies himself and also loses weight when it is normal for him to gain weight.

4-Clouds in the eyes

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Another of the signs to consider is when we put clouds in our eyes. The demand for water from the kidneys will cause the water that is needed to get out of other tissues, and one of them is the lens. When you lose water, you end up suffering, and the somewhat blurred vision will be warning you.

5-Wounds that take time to heal

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When there is a lot of sugar in the bloodstream, wound healing is significantly delayed. It is another important value to notice. Although the specific reason for this is unknown, it is thought that excess sugar influences the healing process and sweet blood can be a perfect ally for bacteria. Consult with your doctor when you have a wound on your foot or fingers that takes time to close.

6-Sleeping legs

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Numbness or tingling of the lower extremities is another symptom. The nerve endings eventually fall asleep due to a large amount of blood sugar. This is because it is on the feet where the blood ends up concentrating, where it reaches very fast.